I Wish I Was Dead: Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety & Guide to Beat

I wish I was dead.”- it involves passively wishing you were dead. People utter it without any meaning. But when you are under depression this thought becomes a fact.

Depression is a common and serious mental illness which negatively affects your feelings. Technically depression is a mental disorder which not only affects your mind but your physical health too.

The inception of thinking “I wish I was dead” arises due to the mental health disorders, major depression, and bipolar disorder. Depression ion is the inability to construct a future.

Depression and anxiety behind I wish I was Dead

Generally, depression and anxiety are assumed as same, but people with anxiety also develop depression and vice versa. Almost 50% of people diagnosed with depression also be diagnosed with anxiety. But it is vital to understand the accurate diagnosis in order to get the right treatment.

Through this article, I am going to mention the symptoms of depression and anxiety in details. I hope it will help you to understand both the cases.

Symptoms of depression

I wish I was dead

Having trouble sleeping

Depressed people often lie awake at night or unable to sleep at night. On the other hand, some people find it difficult to get out of bed and may sleep for long periods during the day.

Lower interest in activities

Hobbies are for leisure, but the people under depression tend to avoid them. Suppose a person who loves to spend time with their grandchildren suddenly they don’t want to see them.

Negative energy

The depressed person makes a decision to do something drastic, like killing themselves. They can feel like lazy or more energetic. That’s why they feel a sense of relief when they come to a resolution.

Change in appetite

The people start overeating or stop eating as they are not concerned with their physical well-being. A depressed person also doesn’t take care of his/her hygiene.

Unexplained body pains

The increase is physical complaints like headaches, aching muscles, stomach pain and back pain, etc. A sufferer might feel restless, fatigued, sluggish and physically drained many times.

Reckless behavior

The depressed person starts substance abuse, reckless driving, dangerous sports, etc. He/she may feel difficulty in decision making or remembering things.

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to a stressful life event like moving, changing jobs, financial crisis, etc.

Excess worries

The worry is associated with an anxiety disorder that occurs for at least six months and difficult to control. The worry is severe and intrusive that makes difficult to concentrate and accomplish daily tasks.


This is one of the common symptoms of anxiety, especially in children and teenagers. When you become restless you feel an uncomfortable urge to move. Anyone facing restlessness for more than six months it is the sign of restlessness.


Anxiety is commonly associated with hyperactivity. Fatigue depends on person to person some can follow anxiety attack or while others the fatigue can be chronic.

Concentrate difficulty

As per the study, 157 children and teens found that more than two-thirds face difficulty concentrating. Anxiety interrupts working memory, which is responsible for holding short-term information.

Trouble in staying asleep

Sleep disturbance like walking in the middle of the night and having trouble falling asleep. Insomnia and anxiety are strongly linked, it is unclear whether insomnia contributes to anxiety or vice versa.

Panic attacks

It is an extreme fear which is typically accompanied by a rapid heartbeat, shaking, shortness of breath, fear of dying, nausea, etc. An anxiety disorder may be responsible for panic attacks.

10 Utilitarian Ways to Cope With I wish I was Dead

i wish i was dead

There exist many causes of suicide which lead to this terrible thought I wish I was dead. And, it is a common issue these days. How to overcome such thought? Are you fighting with such thoughts? We are sure if you use the below-mentioned tips, you will see the positive results soon.

1. Encourage social connection

A depressed child tends to withdraw from their friends and activities which they used to enjoy. You need to help him/her to reconnect the same.

2. Focus on your child

Set aside daily to talk when you can focus on your teen without any distraction to try multi-task. A face to face interaction plays a great role in reducing the depression of your child. Keep in mind the depression will not make things worse, but your support can make the difference.

3. Encourage their interests

Suggest activities like sports, an art class, a dance or music class can encourage your child to show their interest and talent. It will help them to regain their enthusiasm.

4. Promote Volunteerism

Help your little one to find a reason they are interested in and that gives them a sense of purpose. Being a parent if you volunteer them it will increase your bonding experience.

5. A regular exercise

Keep your child moving, plan at least an hour activity daily. Think outside the box dancing, shooting, riding bikes is beneficial for its physical as well as mental health.

6. Provide a balanced diet

Make sure your little one is getting the optimum food for their brain health. The foods like healthy fats, fresh produce and quality protein help with mood support. Eating sugary and starchy food results in depressed mind.

7. Encourage good sleep

A teen needs more sleep as compared to an adult. For the optimal function of the body and mind, your child needs to sleep 9-10 hours per night. Make sure that your child is not staying up until all hours at the cost of much-needed mood supporting rest.

8. Help them to solve their problems

Write the problem at the top of the page and ask your child to think about its solutions. You also add some new ideas to the end. In this way, they feel they have worries and try to find the solution one by one.

9. Depression treatment

A depressed teenager goes through treatment you must be there to listen and offer the support. So that your teenager needs to know that they are valued.

10. Be patient

Last but foremost, patience is the key to success! As a parent, you also need to take care of children to share their problems.

None of the above method going to affect in a single day. But the cumulative effect of them will make you feel better. It is up to you and only you to create the future you want. Remember no matter what the situation is someone might be facing a situation worse than you and they have overcome their obstacles.

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  1. Blah blah blah “life is worth living” gimme a break some peoples lives are so bleak and not worth living! Imagine no matter what you do you still dont have any friends or anyone else in your life to support you. Im 35 never been on a second date and have no chance of a significant other. Who gives a shit if i have a good job and pay my bills on time, none of this matters without a mate. So all of you folks telling us its not worth it to end it maybe you should realize some people have something to live for and some people dont. Quit lecturing folks that dont want to be here anymore

    • Hey Blake. Don’t feel that you are alone. I am definitely with you. Although I am from another country, I think I understand you. I feel the same thing. Please don’t do anything stupid. Just remember that someone cares for you. At least, I care. Please shoot an email to heinhtetzaw0710@gmail.com . I feel the same way or at least I think. I am now so drunk and I just want to die. I think I can at least sympathize you. Please know that someone loves you although they do not know you personally.

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