Sharp Pain Under Right Breast: Causes, Treatment & Precautions

Are you too suffering from breast pain? Don’t worry as most women have reported the same. Along with dull/sharp pain under right breast, you may feel like burning, breast tightness or pain with even soft touch. Well, this won’t be permanent but it may occur infrequently.

If you feel this pain under the right breast and affecting your chest more than the breast, indigestion, gallbladder infection may be the reason for it. The infection in Gallbladder is caused due to inflammation of the gallbladder and typically causes a sharp pain the stomach or right side of the chest.

Types of breast pain

Types of breast pain

1. Cyclic breast pain

This breast pain is directly related to the menstrual cycle. It feels like dull, heavy or aching. It affects both breasts especially the upper, outer portions and radiates to the underarm. The pain starts for two weeks up to the start of your period. This pain affects the women aged the 20s and 30s before menopause and women aged 40s who are transitioning to menopause.

2. Non-cyclic breast pain

It is not related to the menstrual cycle. Non-cyclic breast pain feels like tight, burning or sore and the pain may be constant or intermittent. It affects the localized area and may spread across the breast. Most likely affects the women after menopause. The lumpy breasts may be the case here.

Pain under right breast causes

Pain under right breast causes

The pain experienced in the right side of the chest may be regular, severe or generalized. You may feel it deeply or experience in bone, muscle or skin. The medical professionals use the clues and your description to know the status of pain like sharp, dull, throbbing and burning.

pain under right breast

There can be one or multiple reasons behind pain under right breast and back, in many cases. Then what causes pain under right breast radiating to back?

Stress or anxiety

The people who have severe anxiety or stress are prone to the symptoms of heart attack, chest pain, dizziness, difficulty in breathing and heart palpitation. Anxiety may be caused due to stress. Anxiety attack occurs randomly as per the event.

Note: Around 40% of the people are facing panic disorder and experiencing frightening chest pain at some time.

Fracture in Rib

The rib fracture stands for a break in the bone which protects internal organs of the chest. Due to fall or severe coughing, it becomes painful and creates serious complications if not treated properly.

You need to avoid putting pressure on your chest. Drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and aspirin are given in this situation.

Wearing an improperly fitted bra

Wearing a bra which is too tight/loose can compress the breasts and leave them improperly support and creates discomfort. You must check the bra fits you properly the straps must not bulge out.

The center fits close to breastbone. Check you can pass a finger easily under the band below the breast cups. During exercise wearing a sports bra is necessary.


It is the inflammation of the cartilage where the upper ribs attach to the breastbone. This pain may be felt from mild to severe in mild case you may feel tender to touch your chest. But in case of severe pain


It is also known as arthritis of the neck is a disc disease or compressed vertebrae may cause pain which is felt on the right side of the chest.

Rib Injury

Due to a rib injury, you may feel the pain under the right breast. You also feel pain while taking a deep breath/twisting your body. In this situation, your doctor will tell you to go easy on physical activity.

Apart from the above, there are some possible causes of pain in the right side of the chest. Shingles are the condition when the chickenpox virus is reactivated. In this virus has been lying dormant in nerve root supplying the right side of the chest.

pain under right breast treatment

Pain under right breast treatment

Generally, the breast pain resolves on its own over a period of time. The patient doesn’t require any medication or treatment. Are you facing the symptoms mentioned above? Or the pain is severe in this case need treatment visit your doctor as early as possible.

I have mentioned some simple tips using which you can avoid pain under right breast when lying down.

Wear the properly sized bra

You need to wear a bra which fits your body. Wearing a simple adjustable bra with extra support can serve the purpose.

Apply NSAID cream

Apply NSAID when you when your pain is intense. Ask your doctor if he/she recommends you to apply the NSAID cream directly on the painful area.

Adjust the use of birth control pills

Are you taking birth control pills? It may be the cause of pain in the right side you of your breast. Alternatively, you can switch the birth control methods that may help you to control the breast pain symptoms. Follow your doctor’s advice on this matter.

Take the help of a doctor

Danazol is the only medicine approved by the Food and Drug Administration which is used for treating breast pain and tenderness. Remember it has the risk of side effects like acne, weight gain, changes in voice, etc.

Tamoxifen is the medicine which is recommended for breast cancer patients. This drug has potential side effects that might be more bothersome than pain in the breast.

Reduce/stop the dose of menopausal hormone therapy

You need to reduce the dose of menopausal hormone therapy or completely stop it. This all must be done with according to your doctor’s advice.

pain under right breast

Precautions to avoid sharp breast pain

Take a healthy diet

A healthy diet is important in the proper functioning of the body. Though, it helps to avoid pain in the breast as well. Start a low-fat diet that helps to avoid the pain. Eating cheese and wine can worsen the symptoms of cyclic mastalgia.

Reduce the intake of coffee and tea

Limit the intake of coffee, tea, and chocolate as it contains chocolate. The use of these items increases the pain in the breast.

Lower the stress

Do yoga, meditation or use other stress management techniques to control the stress. It helps to avoid breast pain for some women.

Avoid tobacco

Smoking is worse for the lungs and can worsen the chest pain. Strictly avoid the use of tobacco.

Some doctors suggest primrose oil in the evening. Check with your doctor’s advice before using it. If you are pregnant Primrose oil is not recommended for you.

In case the pain continues more than a couple of weeks, occurs in a specific area, gets worse over time or interfere in your daily activities, talk to your doctor immediately.

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